Intense competition, bid complexity, and aggressive schedules demand a prescriptive approach to translate your offerings, capabilities, and resources into a compelling, winning bid.

How We Deliver: the PRIME Approach

You can’t afford to waste time with consultants who only “advise.” Whether you need strategy development, client domain selection, opportunity capture approach, or proposal support, we use a hands-on, results-focused, immersive approach to give you an edge in every pursuit.

How RightNow Creates Winning Technical Solutions

RightNow’s Value Communication Approach

PRIME Features

With tools and templates for every D4 service, our approach focuses on partnering with you to fuse your capabilities, customer insight, and experience into Direction that delivers strategic advantage, Domains that enable achievement of revenue and profit goals, Deal-focused strategies, and Documents that demonstrate the differentiation to win.

Predictable BD and B&P costs through maximum use of FFP Pricing

Responsive, client-directed level of ownership and support

Immersive, side-by-side integration with client teams and SMEs

Modular proposal documents and solution architectures

Exceptional communication skills for excellent (blue) proposals

PRIME Benefits

  • Increased predictability in BD and B&P costs through FFP
  • BD/B&P expenditure tracking using Estimates to Complete
  • Quantified, value proposition-based strategic bid differentiation
  • Professional, branded, Section M-aligned proposals built to score
  • Full integration with your team to coalesce and connect ideas, customer
    insight, and capabilities into compelling technical solutions
  • Flexibility to provide services at your comfort level – from ad hoc single
    artifact development to fully outsourced bid leadership